Townhomes construction picks up across the country

According to Meyers Research, consumers overwhelmingly prefer single-family detached homes to the attached product or townhome, but buyers are increasingly open to denser communities to help hit a lower price or a certain location. This sentiment could be why attached new home communities increased by 16% on average nationwide from 2016 to 2019.

The share of attached new home projects varies drastically by region, with some of the more expensive regions to build in having the largest share. The Northeast and Southern California have the highest share of attached product while Texas has the lowest share.


While the share of attached new homes in the Twin Cities has remained stagnant for the past few years, the demand is high. According to Meyers Research, the Twin Cities is part of a small group of major metros where nearly 50% percent of the best-selling new communities are attached homes. The other metros where this is occurring are Seattle, Miami, Salt Lake City and Washington, DC.