Minnesota builders take home three awards at RESNET conference

Local builders receive more awards than any other state

At the 2019 RESNET Annual Conference in March, Minnesota took home three of the top 10 awards in energy efficient new home construction.

The most decorated American builder at the conference was Lennar Minnesota, the only American firm to take home multiple awards. Lennar Minnesota’s first award was the American Production Builder with the Lowest HERS rating, with a home rated at 42.


Lennar Minnesota also took home the RESNET President’s Award, having achieved a HERS rating of 52 or lower on 81% of homes built in the state.

“Lennar builds an outstanding home, and it is exciting to see the Minnesota team get the recognition it deserves for being a leader in energy efficiency,” said Eric Boyd of DPIS, the energy rater for Lennar Minnesota.

The lowest HERS scores from an American custom builder went to the Vetting Wolf home in Rochester, Minn. XRG Concepts, the energy rater for the home, worked with the Vetting Wolf family to design a net-zero home, which was originally rated at a 32.

Since the completion of the home, the Vetting Wolf family installed solar panels, dropping the HERS rating to -3, according to XRG Concepts.