Long winter leads to late load limits

A late winter meant a late start to the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s Spring Load Restrictions.

Seasonal Load Limits.JPG

In the southern portion of the state and in the Twin Cities region, Spring Load Restrictions went into effect on March 15, 10 days later than in 2018. In central and northern Minnesota, the load limits went into effect on March 19, a few days later than in 2018.

Seasonal restrictions were lifted in early to mid-May for the entire state: May 5 for the metro area, May 10 for southern Minnesota and May 14 for the rest of the state.

Average Start Date.JPG

Despite the later start and end to seasonal restrictions, builders and developers reported fewer issues than in 2018.

The start and end of road restrictions depend on how the weather is affecting road strength. There is an eight-week maximum duration for Spring Load Restrictions, and the Twin Cities area saw restrictions lifted before reaching the maximum.