Radon Licensing Standard Challenged In Court

Minnesota Department of Health

Minnesota Department of Health

The Minnesota Association of Radon Professionals and Standard Water Control Company, a radon mitigation firm, have filed suit against the Minnesota Department of Health over the Department’s proposed radon licensing rules, created under the Minnesota Radon Licensing Act of 2015. 

The proposed rules would require individuals performing radon-related services to be licensed by the State of Minnesota, though the Department of Health.

The proposed radon licensing rules would also require:

·         Licensed radon testers pay a $150 per year fee;

·         Licensed mitigation professionals pay a $250 per year fee;

·         Companies analyzing test kit results pay up to $500 per year in fees;

·         A $75 per home fee for mitigation system installation in existing homes;

·         Radon testers and mitigation system installers to submit quarterly reports of all homes where services were performed.

The proposed rules are set to take effect on January 1, 2018. An administrative law hearing was held on July 17, 2018 and Housing First Minnesota was in attendance. Final comments on the proposed rules are due on August 6, 2018.