Legislature Adjourns: Two Housing Issues Elevated

Following a historic 2017 session for housing, Housing First Minnesota entered the 2018 session poised to continue the housing affordability discussion in St. Paul.

“There are two major challenges facing the housing industry and our capacity to build homes at prices Minnesotans can afford, regulatory costs and work force pressures. Both of these were elevated and discussed at the legislature in a capacity that we had never seen before,” said David Siegel, executive director of Housing First Minnesota

Housing First Minnesota worked throughout the session to defend the industry against harmful proposed legislation and proposed two initiatives that would positively impact

The first proposal covers the labor crisis which is discussed on a daily basis in the housing industry. Housing First Minnesota led the charge in promoting the opportunities available within the industry.

The second initiative focuses on the fact that nearly one-third of the price of a new home can be attributed to local, regional and state regulatory costs. Once again, the legislature discussed the need to find the balance of safety, durability and affordability.

Siegel spoke in committee at the Capitol on February 28.

“One question that consistently comes up during discussion on affordable housing is ‘Why aren’t we building enough affordable homes?’ And the answer is simple: Building new entry-level homes that the average Minnesota family can afford is becoming increasingly difficult,” he said.