Draft 2018 Construction Stormwater Permit Released

Housing First Minnesota’s feedback incorporated into draft

Minnesota Polution Control Agency

Minnesota Polution Control Agency

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) released the draft 2018 Construction Stormwater Permit (2018 Permit) Wednesday afternoon.

Minnesota’s construction stormwater permit, which applies to projects disturbing more than one acre of soil or for projects near impaired waters, is updated every five years.

What Has Changed

Most noticeable in the 2018 Permit is the new format. The 2018 Permit has been reformatted to be more linear. In addition to the new format, MPCA has highlighted 29 changes in the 2018 Permit, 19 of which the MPCA considered substantive.

MPCA has removed the mandatory 7-day and 30-day waiting periods in the 2018 Permit, with the effective dates taking effect after payment confirmation, typically one business day. Under the 2018 Permit, the process to amend the permit has been simplified, provided the BMPs are selected, installed and maintained following the with the manufactures specifications.

Home builders and land developers will be pleased to learn the main nice after inspection time frame has been changed from “end of the next business day” to “the next anticipated rain event or three business days whichever comes first.”

MPCA has a complete list of changes available on its website.

Housing Industry’s Suggestions Included In Draft

Last April, Housing First Minnesota submitted a list of proposed improvements the housing industry wanted the MPCA to consider in the 2018 Permit. Chief among the improvements recommended was modifying the repair and inspection timeframe to the more feasible timeframe included in the 2018 Permit.

The April 2017 memo followed a March 2017 meeting between the MPCA stormwater team and Housing First Minnesota members and staff.  

Next Steps

Public comments on the draft 2018 Permit are accepted from April 10 through May 9. The MPCA stormwater team will host a webinar on April 17 to discuss the changes.

The 2018 Construction Stormwater Permit is scheduled to take effect for new projects beginning August 1, 2018. Projects operating under the current construction stormwater permit will be given 18 months to complete the project beginning August 1, after which requirements the 2018 Permit will apply.