MnDOT Announces End of Spring Load Restrictions


The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) announced on Thursday that spring load restrictions will end on Monday, April 30 for the Southeast and Metro frost zones and on May 1 for the South frost zone. The lifting of Spring Load Restrictions in these regions is welcomed news to builders in the Twin Cities, Rochester and Mankato.

Spring Load Restrictions are still in place for the Central, North-Central and Northern regions of the state, which includes St. Cloud, Duluth and Moorhead. 

Housing First Minnesota staff have been in regular contact with MnDOT officials as well and cities and counties across Minnesota. 

Of the more than 20 local jurisdictions contacted by Housing First Minnesota, none had said they would add additional Spring Load Restrictions. We will continue to survey key local jurisdictions and will report any local extensions to the Spring Load Restrictions.