Remodelers Create New Digs for Women Undergoing Treatment

Avivo is the only program in Minnesota that provides housing for women along with their children while they undergo addiction treatment and recovery. Until this spring, the apartment units that housed these women were in serious need of repair and updating.

“They had housing here, but this housing did not reflect the quality of the overall services that they were receiving,” said Kelly Matter, president of Avivo.

Earlier this year, Avivo got in touch with the BATC-Housing First Minnesota Foundation, which was able to find two build partners to completely renovate four apartment units. The Kingdom Builders renovated three of the units and Crystal Kitchen Center renovated the fourth.

“By rehabbing this housing, it will catapult them,” said Matter. “It means so much more than you could ever think, this is home for these women and their children while they do the hardest work they will ever do.”

Four Minneapolis women were welcomed home to the brand-new apartment units this March. With new layouts and flooring and completely renovated bathrooms and kitchens, these apartments will provide a better quality of living for the women and their children who live there. Tamika Bazinet, a resident who moved in to one of the units along with her 13-year-old son, was in disbelief.

“It’s beautiful. I’m so grateful,” said Bazinet. “It’s a total turn around. It doesn’t even look like the same place.”

Avivo specializes in providing services to women who find themselves struggling with addiction, co-occurring chemical and mental health diagnoses or homelessness and have a desire to re unify with their children. This apartment plays a critical role in Avivo’s program success.

“It makes all the difference in the world. Without being able to have housing with their children, moms will often forgo treatment and not receive the recovery that they need,” said Matter. “This housing raises the bar for them, it’s a difference-maker.”