More Than Just a Bathroom Remodel

For the 32 individuals with disabilities living at Homeward Bound’s Brooklyn Park home, accessibility makes a big difference in everyday life. Up until this year, two of the bathrooms in the home were completely useless due to the small tubs and small spaces, making life a little more challenging for the residents that live there.

Thanks to the BATC-Housing First Minnesota Foundation and build partners Minnesota Rusco and Contract Interiors they now have two brand-new bathrooms and flooring that better fit their needs.

“If you can imagine waking up with extraordinary challenges that you have to face every day just to have the necessities met for you, so for them to have a choice and to have more options, it’s a big deal,” said Lori Merriam, director of development for Homeward Bound.
Bathroom Remodel.JPG

Minnesota Rusco completely remodeled both bathrooms, installing showers and making them much more accessible. Contract Interiors replaced the carpeting in the main living areas. The old carpet had been so worn down it was hard to push wheelchairs through. “These projects wouldn’t have gotten done without the generous help of these partners. It’s amazing,” said Merriam.

Homeward Bound is one of the largest community-based residential service providers in Minnesota for children, adolescents and adults with complex disabilities. The BATC-Housing First Minnesota Foundation also remodeled one of Homeward Bound's homes in 2016.