Modifications Coming to New Construction Stormwater Permit

Later this year, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) will be updating its Construction Stormwater Permit. While the official draft has not been released, Housing First Minnesota has been actively involved in the process as the MPCA previously met with stakeholders, seeking input on the updated 2018 Permit.

What to Expect

The most notable change to the 2018 Construction Stormwater Permit will be the format. The MPCA has stated the permit is being completely reconfigured. The new format is said to be more linear and easier to follow.

Modification will also be made to ditch stabilization, infiltration tables and working in contaminated soils. Another notable change is that permits will begin once the payment for the permit has been processed, instead of seven days after the application, which is the case under the current permit.

The MPCA said last fall that projects permitted under the current Construction Stormwater Permit will be given 18 months after the adoption of the 2018 Permit to be completed before existing projects need to be transferred over to the 2018 Permit.

Industry Seeks Reforms

In April 2017, Housing First Minnesota sent the MPCA a list of seven common sense modifications the housing industry would like to see in the 2018 Permit. The list of recommendations included changing the repair timetable, increased acceptance of digital records, winter inspection frequency and termination of individual lots.

Housing First Minnesota will post the draft 2018 Construction Stormwater Permit and an analysis of the new Construction Stormwater Permit as soon as the it is released. For the latest industry news, follow Housing Industry News on Facebook or visit