Advocate Program Provides Opportunity for All

The housing industry in Minnesota is a collection of thousands of small companies throughout the state. A big challenge for our industry is effectively communicating the challenges our industry faces. There is great value in joining member organizations like Housing First Minnesota and the host of local home builders associations throughout the state – we encourage industry professionals to consider membership opportunities.

Become An Advocate.JPG

Housing First Minnesota has created the opportunity to join the industry cause as a Housing First Minnesota Advocate.

As a Housing First Minnesota Advocate, you will receive:
1. Advocacy email updateskeeping you in the know on laws, regulations, legal action and all the action at the state Capitol with regulatory agencies.
2. Subscription to the quarterly industry newspaper, Housing Industry News. Yep, we went old school, and the response has been tremendous.
3. Invitation to attend our Housing First Minnesota roadshow events, held at local breweries, pubs and other great meeting spaces around Minnesota.
4. Opportunities to meet and greet candidates and share your business challenges.
5. Membership in the important Housing First Advocacy Network, which stands ready to act when the call comes for a unified industry initiative.

Go to to become an advocate member.