What Do Men and Women Agree on in a New Home?

While men and women may disagree on a number of things when it comes to purchasing a new home there one thing they agree on. According to a national survey by Meyers Research in an answer to an open-ended question on what “home” means, the top answer for both men and women was “comfortable.”

Both also agree that they want a home that is easy to maintain and has fitness amenities. However, that’s about all that they agree on according to the survey.

Top Wants.JPG

Men prioritized outside entertainment space, while women cared more for inside entertaining space. Another open-ended question by Meyers Research asked: what does “community” mean in one word? “Friendly” was women’s top answer and “safe” was men’s top answer.

How do you address the differences in preferences women want compared to what men want in a new home purchase?

Keep in mind, Meyers Research indicates that women are the major influence in 92 percent of all home purchases and the woman, and her wants, will weigh heavily on the decision in the new home purchase.