Let's Fix It


Housing First Minnesota, tom@cardinalhomebuilders.com

As we transition into the new year, the opportunities and challenges facing the housing industry are remarkable. On the plus side, our economy is strong, employment is steady and demand for housing remains on the upswing. Those positive housing market attributes are balanced with challenges, including a 10-year low in housing affordability, steep regulatory costs placed on new homes and a workforce that is not replenishing at a healthy rate.

The Governor’s Task Force on Housing provided key conclusions in its final report, which was released last August. Key recommendations include building 300,000 homes by 2030, driven primarily by the private market; establishing formal review of regulatory cost drivers; and prioritization of housing as a key building block by policy makers.

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This consensus conclusion by a diverse, bipartisan panel sets the stage for the hard work of addressing this housing market problem.

As the leading voice of housing, Housing First Minnesota will be a leader in this discussion through research, policy recommendations, and urging lawmakers at the state, regional, and local level to address this challenge with urgency.

Our message to policy makers, to government regulators at all levels, and to the general public is this: our housing eco-system is broken, which impacts every Minnesotan. Let’s fix it.

In the coming weeks and months you will see a broad-based roll out of our efforts to share research, raise awareness and advance housing policy recommendations. Housing has evolved into an issue of regional competitiveness, it will take a broad coalition of thought leaders to address this issue. We look forward to solving this problem together. Let’s fix it.