Home Building Industry Heads Back to School

Pat Hegseth.JPG

As the labor shortage grows, members of the homebuilding industry are hoping a little earlier education can help make a difference in getting young people interested in the trades. Housing First Minnesota’s Education and Workforce Development Committee working with Project Build Minnesota’s Outreach Committee are heading to the classroom to educate students on the great careers in construction.

“Students these days are not getting the exposure needed to see construction as a career option,” said Pat Hegseth of Scherer Bros Lumber Co. “The earlier we can get the information out to young students the better the chance we can get them excited about a job in the trades.”

Hegseth was one of the first participants in the newly created speaker’s bureau that travels to Minnesota high schools.

“It was great to get out there and share my own personal experience and why I love this industry,” said Hegseth. “It might only be one small group of students at a time, but that’s 20 more students that now know more about the construction industry than before.”

The speaker’s bureau is set to talk to more than 25 classrooms in the next year. While they might not see instant results, they know this is an important step in solving the industry’s labor shortage.

“We have to get through to these students and show them there are great paying jobs that do not require a four-year degree,” said Dennis Medo of Project Build Minnesota. “We hope to expand on how we can reach these students in 2019.”

If you would like more information on how you can participate in the speaker’s bureau or get involved, contact Dennis Medo at Dennis@ProjectBuildMN.org