Gubernatorial Candidates Discuss Housing Issues

The housing industry makes up approximately 15 percent of Minnesota’s GDP, second only to the healthcare industry. From providing good-paying jobs for construction workers to building the American dream, the housing industry is an integral part of Minnesota’s economy.

That’s why Housing First Minnesota is inviting candidates for governor to discuss the regulatory pressures and workforce challenges facing the industry.

We know that regardless of who is elected, we need to be able to communicate the key issues that are facing the housing and construction industry. We are optimistic that our invitation to the candidates will be a great place to begin that discussion.
— Daryl Doehr, Marvin Windows and 2017 Housing First Chair
Gov Cand.JPG

Over the past two months, numerous candidates have met with the task group of industry leaders to engage in a conversation about the future of the state of Minnesota.

You can continue the conversations by following our social media: @HousingFirstMN on Twitter and Housing First Minnesota on Facebook.