Minnesota Considering Increasing Construction Stormwater Permit Fees

Construction Stormwater Permit fees could increase under a proposal from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency as the agency looks to increase its water program fees.

The proposal to increase water fees comes after a report from the Legislative Auditor recommended the MPCA increase fees to cover the costs of its programs.

 “Current fees authorized in the rules do not generate sufficient revenue to cover the costs of administering water quality programs associated with the fees,” the agency said in a posting on its rulemaking page.

MPCA is currently seeking public comment on its proposal. Specific details on the increase in construction stormwater permit fees was not included in the information provided by the agency.

Housing First Minnesota submitted comments on behalf of Minnesota’s housing industry Wednesday, asking MPCA to consider the additional cost pressures the Construction Stormwater Permit, permanent stormwater management and related fees place on prospective Minnesota homebuyers.

“While a single fee increase may not appear to have a major impact on home affordability, the cumulative effect of fee increases and housing regulations are compounding the home affordability crisis in Minnesota,” the group said in its letter. “Increases in fees, no matter how small, make homes less affordable.”

Housing First Minnesota subscribers can request a copy of the letter by contacting Nick Erickson, regulatory affairs manager.