Industry Groups Discuss Proposed RRP Rules

On Friday, Minnesota REALTORS, National Association of Remodeling Industry – Minnesota (NARI-MN) and Housing First Minnesota met to discuss the proposed RRP (Lead Paint) Rules released last week by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH).

Minnesota’s proposed RRP Rules, which will govern the how to renovate or perform repairs in a pre-1978 home, will replace the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) rules which have been in place since 2008.

At the meeting, the three groups shared concerns with the approach taken by MDH. Remodelers fear the proposed rules could make renovations and repair in pre-1978 home unaffordable for a majority of homeowners, which has the unintended consequence of keeping lead paint in homes. 

In addition to Friday’s meeting, Nick Erickson of Housing First Minnesota spoke with senior EPA staff on Wednesday about the agency’s transfer of rules MDH during a stop in St. Paul on Wednesday. Erickson shared the housing industry’s concerns over the direction taken by MDH.