Minnesota Unveils Proposed RRP/Lead Paint Rule

The Minnesota Department of Health unveiled its proposed rule governing the lead renovation, repair and painting (RRP) this week, and many remodelers worry about its impact on the remodeling industry.

The state’s proposed RRP Rule, which governs remodeling and renovation practices in pre-1978 homes, would replace the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) RRP Rule in Minnesota once it is adopted.

Fully enacted in 2010, RRP requires any contractor or subcontractor renovating a home, childcare center or kindergarten built before 1978, where lead-based paint may be present, must maintain EPA or state certification and must use certified renovators. Any work that disturbs lead paint must be performed following specific methods of work and cleaning practices to prevent lead contamination.

Currently, the EPA enforcement division based out of Chicago has the responsibility for ensuring contractors renovating homes where lead is present are in compliance with EPA regulations. The Minnesota Department of Health Asbestos Abatement division would take over local enforcement under the terms of the Minnesota Rule.

Minnesota remodelers met with the Minnesota Department of Health in late 2016 and in the spring of this year to outline their concerns over Minnesota’s proposed RRP Rule, including the high cost to homeowners.

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