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Dear Readers,

There are approximately 10,000 licensed contractors in Minnesota who are joined by thousands of businesses providing products and services. Our industry is roughly 15 percent of the state’s GDP. Housing is massive. One of our biggest challenges is to effectively connect and engage with all of our industry. It’s comprised of mostly small firms that often don’t feel connected and aren’t clear that their voice will make a difference in Min­nesota’s political environment.

Housing First Minnesota is the voice of home builders, remodelers and industry suppliers reaching across our state. We originated as a program of the Builders Association of the Twin Cities, but today recognize our role as the industry voice while providing opportunities for home builders and suppliers to become engaged and join a growing movement. Our cause: to inform and mobilize our industry. Speaking with data-driven messaging as part of a modern, comprehensive advocacy program, we can grow the influence of our industry and continue elevating housing as a powerhouse at the Capitol, with regulatory agencies, in the courts, in elections and in issue advocacy.

We hope you enjoy this first issue of Housing Industry News. It’s reaching every one of you with a goal of sharing high-quality information and a chance to make a difference. Want to know about industry plans for the 2018 election? Read more. Want to know about Housing Day at the Capitol and Housing Day at the Minnesota State Fair? Look inside. Want to know about how our industry is using issue advocacy advertising and a dynamic social media presence? Like us, follow us, link to us.

Want to help attract hard-working young people to our industry? Read about our efforts through Project Build Minnesota. Are you curious how recent court cases might impact your business? Updates can be found here in Housing Industry News. Perhaps you care deeply about the charitable work your fellow builders and remodelers do. Read about your colleagues’ efforts and tell us about yours.

Most importantly, want to know how you can get involved? It’s simple. Sign up at so we can keep you informed and educated. And, be sure to join your local builders association as well.

Housing First Minnesota will be sharing Housing Industry News with you quarterly. We’re so honored to bring this new communications vehicle to you as we bring our building community together. After all, that’s what we do—all of us are experts in building community. Thank you in advance for being part of ours.

- The Housing Industry News Editorial Team

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