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Bob Michels, president, Housing First Minnesota , BATC and Michels Homes

Bob Michels, president, Housing First Minnesota , BATC and Michels Homes

Welcome to the first issue of Housing Industry News. Presented by Housing First Minnesota, this quarterly newspaper provides accurate and useful updates about the housing industry for licensed Minnesota contractors, suppliers. With broad distribution that also includes customers, regulators, and elected representatives. Housing Industry News is a powerful publication for influencing and unifying the industry’s collective voice.

Recent research conducted for Housing First Minnesota clearly shows that homeownership remains a cornerstone of our state’s economy. Housing industry activity affects the daily lives of all Minnesotans not just by providing homeown­ership opportunities and jobs, but by providing homes for families in communities they love. That’s what we do in the home building in­dustry—we are experts in building community.

With Housing Industry News, we seek to reflect the importance of community within our industry.

With all 10,000 licensed contractors in Minnesota receiving our newspaper, we’re excited to share the latest and most significant information that can help our housing community grow. With growth and timely information, Housing First Minnesota will be better able to influence our government and regulators at all levels as they make decisions affecting home ownership and affordability.

Our goal is to bring high-quality information and updates to our industry, its regulators and influencers to strengthen our collective voice.
— Bob Michels, president, Housing First Minnesota , BATC and Michels Homes

The need to engage and activate our entire community on advocacy issues that will benefit home build­ing and remodeling is of importance. We’ll do that through our Housing First Advocate Network, social me­dia and this publication, Housing In­dustry News. Other exciting oppor­tunities to engage will be announced in the future.

We ask that you provide us an email address so we can keep you informed. Whether the issue is per­mit fees, building and energy code updates, sprinklers, stormwater management, or the latest legal case setting precedent, you can count on Housing Industry News and Hous­ing First Minnesota to keep you in the know.

We’re so fortunate to be in a mag­nificent industry that fulfills the all-important need to provide shel­ter for our neighbors. We hope you enjoy Housing Industry News and be­come part of the movement.

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