2018 Election Preparations Underway

While many continue to talk about the historic 2016 elections, the Housing First Fund is looking ahead to the next election, which will take place on Nov. 6, 2018. Highlighting the 2018 elections will be the race to succeed Gov. Mark Dayton, who will not be running. The Minnesota House, all Congressional races and the re-election of U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar will also be on the ballot.

The Housing First Fund is already engaged in its planning for the 2018 election cycle which will feature intense campaigns, especially in the race for governor. The Housing First Advisory Group is entering its fifth election cycle and is led in 2017-2018 by Daryl Doehr, regional sales manager for Warroad-based Marvin Windows and Doors. 

Housing Industry News recently interviewed Doehr to learn about the early work currently underway.

Daryl Doehr, senior regional sales manager, Marvin Windows and  2017 Chair,  Housing First. 

Daryl Doehr, senior regional sales manager, Marvin Windows and  2017 Chair,  Housing First. 

Q: How is Housing First approaching the governor's race in 2017-18?

A: We are approaching it as one of the most important opportunities for the housing industry in many years. Our industry has changed a great deal since 2010 when Gov. Dayton first came into office. At Housing First, we are looking at this as an opportunity to elevate our industry, and work to be a part of the conversation about where our state is going.

Q: How does Housing First plan to engage in the governor's race?

A: We are inviting all candidates for governor to meet with a task group of industry leaders to talk about housing issues, regulatory pressures, and our workforce challenges. We know that regardless of who is elected, we need to be able to communicate the key issues that are facing the housing/construction industry. We are optimistic that our invitation to the candidates will be a great place to begin that discussion!

Q: Will the Housing First PAC endorse a candidate for Governor?

A: If we find a candidate that demonstrates a commitment to housing affordability and to creating a balance regulatory environment, I think there will be an endorsement recommendation. However, at this point we are focused on starting an open dialogue with the key candidates.

Q: How can industry members engage in the 2017-18 Housing First?

A: There will be several opportunities to connect and contribute throughout 2017 and beyond. Our social media will have timely updates and engagement opportunities.

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