Recruiting Workers During the Labor Shortage

Stephanie Peterman.JPG

How do you find workers when there is a significant labor shortage? We spoke with Stephanie Peterman, a Lyman Companies recruiter, who is currently working to help fill more than 100 open positions, on the challenges she faces and how she addresses those issues.

Q: How often or how many positions does Lyman need to hire for?

A: Lyman is almost always looking to hire anywhere from 50-80 employees, and the majority of our needs are for carpenters.

Q: What is the biggest challenge you see right now when recruiting workers to the construction industry?

A: Our biggest challenge is finding people that actually want to do the job. Most jobs in the construction industry are labor intensive.

Q: What works best when looking for job applicants?

A: We find that going to the schools and job fairs, putting our jobs online, and allowing candidates to text us are some of the best ways we get job applicants.

Q: What’s the best advice you have for others looking to hire in the construction industry?

A: Continue to recruit in places “outside of the box.” We have found ourselves going to high schools, colleges, workforce centers, putting signs on our trucks and buildings, and putting ads on the radio.

Q: What do you think would help our industry fill jobs?

A: I think it would help to have more industry specific job fairs or events where job seekers interested in the industry could come and talk to employers in the construction industry. More personal touches where potential applicants can get more information on the jobs available would be good too.