Project Build Minnesota Continues to Gain Momentum

Project Build Minnesota filed paperwork this fall to become a new 501(c)(3) organization, including bylaws and articles of incorporation. Dennis Medo, former director of insurance at The Builders Group, will serve as executive director of Project Build Minnesota. This designation makes the organization its own independent entity with the sole purpose of addressing the construction workforce challenge. Its new independence encourages greater collaboration and makes contributions to the organization tax deductible. The 501(c)(3) designation also clarifies that Project Build Minnesota is for the greater good of the construction industry.

With the help of significant donations and contributions from industry members, Project Build Minnesota plans to move ahead in 2018 with its first round of marketing. The primary goal is to drive traffic to the website and get 16-to-22-year-olds interested in construction careers. Project Build Minnesota will use social media, blogs and other digital ads.

Online marketing will not be their only form of outreach. Board members plan to attend a number of conferences and exhibits, including the Minnesota School Boards Association, the Minnesota Association of Secondary Administrators, the Minnesota School Counselors Association, the Northwest Lumberman’s Association show and the Housing First Minnesota Builders and Remodelers Show.

While they are excited to get started with the marketing campaign, additional funding is needed. When the 2018 legislative session starts this February, the organization will share its mission with legislators and seek state assistance to further strengthen Project Build Minnesota. They hope to share with lawmakers the importance of solving the labor shortage as it’s vital that we build new homes in this state not only for our economy, but to ensure that the American dream of homeownership is achievable for all Minnesotans.

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