Lead Paint/RRP Rule: Industry Pushes Reform

Department of Health Continues to Modify Draft Rules Due to Industry Concerns

The Minnesota Department of Health released an updated draft of its Renovate, Repair, and Paint(RRP) Rules in late September in response to the housing industry’s collective unease with previous drafts released by the MDH.

The state’s proposed RRP Rules governing remodeling and renovation practices in pre-1978 homes will replace the Environmental Protection Agency’s RRP Rule in Minnesota once adopted.

Housing First Minnesota and other industry groups have been concerned that remodeling costs of pre-1978 homes would soar under Minnesota’s proposed RRP Rules, due to costly requirements that exceed the current EPA rule.

The September draft, which followed two alternative drafts submitted by Housing First Minnesota and a meeting with representatives of the housing industry in late August, included 32 changes from the draft RRP Rules released in July.

Following the release of the September draft, Housing First Minnesota submitted a list of 23 changes recommended by industry experts in mid-October. The MDH responded in November, agreeing to make 15 changes directly related to Housing First Minnesota’s proposal.

“The changes the department have made so far are a step in the right direction,” said Nick Erickson, regulatory affairs manager for Housing First Minnesota. “While the department has come a long way to ensure remodeling of pre-1978 homes remains affordable, there are still opportunities for improvement.”

The Minnesota Association of Realtors, National Association of the Remodeling Industry’s Minnesota Chapter, the Minnesota Multi Housing Association and the Central Minnesota Builders Association have participated in in Housing First Minnesota’s activities. The latest draft of Minnesota’s RRP Rules will be posted at HousingFirstMN.org as soon as it is available.