Housing Becomes Part of the 2018 Discussion

In less than 11 months, Minnesotans will go to the polls to determine who will become their next governor. Health care, education and the economy are sure to dominate the conversation throughout the primary season and run-up to the general election. But housing has also been elevated as part of frequent discussions among the 2018 contenders.

The housing industry makes up approximately 15 percent of Minnesota’s GDP. From providing good-paying jobs for construction workers to building the American dream, the housing industry is an integral part of Minnesota’s economy.


That’s why Housing First Minnesota has had conversations with many of the leading gubernatorial candidates in the past few months.

“We know that regardless of who is elected, we need to be able to communicate the key issues that are facing the housing and construction industry,” said Daryl Doehr, senior regional sales manager of Marvin Windows and 2017-18 Housing First Chair.

“Since July, we have had quality conversations with candidates from both major parties.”
Daryl Doehr, 2017-2018 Housing First Chair, Senior Regional Sales Manager, Marvin Windows