Department of Labor & Industry Kicks Off New Building Code Process


Members of the state’s Construction Code Advisory Council met on Thursday, Nov. 30, to begin the process of updating the state’s building codes. 

During the meeting, the Construction Code Advisory Council appointed the official members of its 10 Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs), the bodies responsible for reviewing changes to each code: Accessibility Code, Building Code Administration, Commercial Building Code, Elevator Code, Energy Code, Existing Building Code, Fire Code Compatibility, Mechanical and Fuel Gas Code, Structural and the Residential Building Code.

Four Housing First Minnesota members were appointed to TAGs at the meeting:

Residential Building Code
Brent Nygaard, Lennar

Mike Swanson, JMS Custom Homes

Mike Barden, Pulte Group

Energy Code
Ross Anderson, The Energy Network

In addition to their TAG appointments, Swanson and Anderson also serve on Housing First Minnesota’s Regulatory Affairs Subcommittee.

Other residential construction TAG representation includes Kurt Welker (Administration), Mike Paradise (Residential Building Code), Ed Von Toma (Energy Code), and Craig Oswell (Structural)  

In the coming weeks, the TAGs will begin reviewing the changes in the 2015 and 2018 codes and prepare recommendations of which code provision to adopt.

The Construction Code Advisory Council will then review the TAGs recommendations and submit its findings to the Department of Labor and Industry Commissioner, before the proposal final proposed code is published.

The final draft codes will be opened for public comment before going into effect, with a draft available in mid-2018.

The new codes will effect in March 2020.