Industry Gathers To Discuss Local And Regulatory Issues

Housing First Minnesota Regulatory Affairs Subcommittee 

Housing First Minnesota Regulatory Affairs Subcommittee 

This week, Housing First Minnesota members gathered to discuss local and regulatory issues and their effect on the industry and home affordability.

Regulatory Affairs Subcommittee

At its Tuesday meeting, Housing First Minnesota’s Regulatory Affair Subcommittee discussed recent activity in the regulatory space at the state and federal levels, including Waters of the United States Rule, OSHA’s Silica Rule, proposed Stormwater Permit Fee increases and water reuse policy development.

The 2018 Construction Stormwater Permit and Minnesota proposed RRP (lead paint) Rules were the main discussion items at the meeting.

The committee was also brought up to speed on the upcoming building code update process. Housing First Minnesota will be making four appointments to the Department of Labor & Industry’s Technical Advisory Groups reviewing the 2015 and 2018 building code updates:

·         Residential Building Code

·         Building Code Administration

·         Energy Code

·         Structural

These appointments, to be confirmed at an upcoming Construction Code Advisory Council meeting, will advocate on behalf of the residential construction industry during the 2018 Building Code review process.

Local Government Issues Working Group

The inaugural meeting of Housing First Minnesota’s Local Government Issues Working Group (LGIWG) was held on Wednesday. Over the past two years, Housing First Minnesota has added professional advocacy staff who are expanding our work in the regulatory, grassroots, political, and local government space. The LGIWG emerges from this emphasis and will provide a structure to review, prioritize and manage local engagement opportunities.

Members shared how policies at a local level can have a significant effect on home affordability in any given city, including permit fees, park dedication fees, traffic impact fees and ascetic design requirements. The LGIWG also discussed recent Court of Appeal ruling in the Harstad v. Woodbury case.