Regulatory Affairs Update: State And Federal Water Rules


Water rules at the state and federal levels have been front and center for Housing First Minnesota's regulatory program recently.

Last week, Housing First Minnesota submitted comments to the EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers regarding the Waters of the United States (WOTUS) Rule. In its letter, Housing First Minnesota applauded the move to better define which water bodies fall under this rule and to recodify the previous WOTUS rule.

Housing First Minnesota subscibers can obtain a copy of the letter by sending an email to

Here in Minnesota, an interagency workgroup has been examining how various state agencies should approach water refuse rulemaking. While not a binding rule, this draft report will outline a process and standards off which future water reuse rules will be based.

The final report, to be issued in November, will provide guidance on housing-related water reuse including stormwater reused for irrigation and water reuse within a home.

Nick Erickson, regulatory affairs manager, attended the meeting on behalf of Housing First Minnesota and is in the process of preparing official comments, which are due later this month.