Enforcement of OSHA’s Silica Rule Begins. Are You Prepared?

After a 30-day delay, OSHA has begun to enforce its new Silica rule effective Oct. 23, 2017.

Issued in March 2016, the rule seeks to limit exposure to silica by reducing the permitted amount of silica exposure from 250 micrograms per cubic meter over an eight-hour period to 50 micrograms.

Silica is found in many commonly used building products including concrete, mortar, bricks, blocks, rocks and stones. The use of grinders, masonry saws, jackhammers, handheld powered chipping tools, drills and other tools on these substances can expose workers to silica.

OSHA's Silica Rule contains a comprehensive list of silica exposure control methods as well as alternative exposure control methods. 

Download OSHA's Silica Rule Enforcement Guidelines to see if your firm is prepared the enforcement of this rule. 

Housing First Minnesota has prepared a series of additional documents on the OSHA Silica Rule for its subscribers. Please contact Nick Erickson, regulatory affairs manager, for more information.