Housing First PAC Endorses Two City Council Candidates

The Housing First Political Action Committee (PAC), a committee of Housing First Minnesota, is proud to endorse two candidates in local municipal races on November 7. Housing First’s endorsement reflects each candidate’s commitment to a vibrant housing market that ties together the communities of our great state.

The Housing First PAC uses specific criteria to determine its endorsements. These include: the candidate questionnaire, the candidate's demonstrated support and leadership for housing issues, and where applicable the candidate's voting record on housing issues.

Shawn Nelson and Colin Johnson have each demonstrated their support for a strong housing market, which ties together the communities of our great state. They are proven leaders in their respective communities who share our goal of building safe, smart, and durable homes, at a price that families can afford.
— Bob Michels, Housing First Minnesota President


Shawn Nelson For Bloomington City Council-District II

Housing is central to communities. Housing provides excellent jobs. A strong housing market drives investments in other industries, like hospitality, retail, education, and travel.
— Shawn Nelson, Candidate for Bloomington City Council

Colin Johnson for Mahtomedi City Council, At-Large

For many people, the largest single investment they will ever make is in their home. When homes are affordable and people feel good about that investment, they are more willing to engage in commerce in other areas. So, keeping homes available and affordable is very important to the overall health of the economy.
— Colin Johnson, Candidate for Mahtomedi City Council