Housing First Minnesota seeks to help the housing industry build and remodel safe, durable homes at prices families can afford.

Housing First Minnesota is there to partner with council members, mayors, legislators, regulators and policy makers on policies to create a strong housing market. We strive to keep market-based home building and remodeling affordable so Minnesotans can continue to achieve the American dream of home ownership.

As the leading voice for Minnesota’s home builders and remodelers, Housing First Minnesota’s modern and comprehensive advocacy program engages policy makers and thought leaders in five ways:

Legislative Advocacy
Housing First Minnesota seeks to convey the impact of current and proposed legislation with elected officials at the state and local levels, and to influence the process to ensure that our builders and remodelers operate in a healthy environment.

Electoral Advocacy
Electoral advocacy is critical to the success of our comprehensive advocacy program. It is essential to participate in the electoral process to get individuals who are friendly to our cause elected to public office.

Legal Advocacy
When a law or rule impeding home affordability must challenged in court, Housing First Minnesota steps up. Legal advocacy is the last line of defense for the industry.

Regulatory Advocacy
Housing First Minnesota strives to illustrate the cumulative effect of multiple regulatory impacts on home building and remodeling. This involves working with government agencies to ensure that regulations applied to our industry are common sense, necessary, and based in sound science.

Issue Advocacy
The advent of social media, technology, and the internet have substantially elevated the opportunities for issue advocacy. Issue advocacy refers to social media, digital and traditional advertising focused on broad political issues. The goal is to engage and persuade the public positively in support of our advocacy agenda.